Deadline to Enter Data Extended to May 14

If you have completed the required percentage of questions, you may now access reporting. Please note that these results are preliminary, and members can continue entering data through May 14. The overall results may change from day to day, as more members enter data. Final reports will be available in late May.

Through ACUI's new benchmarking tool, you can:

  • Enter information in areas such as facilities, operations, programming, staffing, and financials
  • Compare your institution’s data to that of other institutions
  • Filter by classification, size, athletic conference, and more
  • Download presentation-ready reports on industry trends in PowerPoint and Excel format

The tool includes two surveys: the Operations Survey (encompassing facilities, administration, programs and student organizations, and auxiliaries) and the Salary Survey.

ACUI Benchmarking FAQ

What is the period for which we should enter data?
Fiscal Year 2016–17. If your school uses a calendar-year orientation for your fiscal year, you should enter data for Fiscal Year 2016.
Who can enter data?
Each school’s primary contact is considered the primary data entry contact. The primary contact can designate additional data entry contacts by completing this form. Primary contacts will be asked to indicate which survey(s) each new data entry contact should have access to, since the Salary Survey contains sensitive information.
How do I enter data?
Once you’ve been designated a data entry contact, log in and then click the Access Tool button. Please note: The tool will open in a new tab, so be sure to allow pop-ups. You’ll see a welcome message with instructions, as well as a link to data worksheets for each survey. You can download and use these Excel worksheets to gather data in advance of entering it into the system.
Do we have to complete the data entry all at once?
No. Each data entry contact can log in, enter and save their data, and log out again. All data entered by each data entry contact will be retained by the tool.
When will I be able to download comparison reports?
The tool requires you to complete 70% of the overall questions, as well as 100% of the required questions, to view results.

Preliminary results will be released on March 1, after institutions have sufficient time to enter their data. Starting in May, anyone who has completed the minimum percentage of questions will be able to view comparison reports, utilize filters to drill down reports to the comparisons you need, and download presentation-ready reports for your own use. The full results will then be available beginning May 1.
Will the timeline change for next year’s data entry?
Yes. The typical timeline for entering data will be during June–September to coincide with most schools’ fiscal years.
I have more questions. Who should I contact?
You can email with any questions. Additionally, an ACUI Benchmarking Help Desk will be available at the Annual Conference, where you can view demonstrations and get one-on-one help with entering data, designating data entry contacts, and downloading reports.


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